Ecommerce packaging ideas to help boost your repeat sales

The ‘unboxing experience’ might just be the best part of the ecommerce shopping process. There’s a little pang of excitement that comes with clicking “place order” and hearing the courier rock up a couple of days later with present just for you.

The rush of your customer’s package delivery moment is supercharged by exciting and beautiful packaging. A little bit of personalisation can lift the ecommerce experience with your brand to the kind of level that keeps them coming back for more and more. Branded packaging is one of the most underutilised (and relatively inexpensive) opportunities in the ecommerce industry. As Complete Transport Solutions we’ve packed up three of the most effective ideas we could find to show you how you can use a few simple packaging tactics to boost your repeat sales and those all-important lifetime customer value rates.

1. Turn your ecommerce packaging into a gift box
The unboxing experience conjures all the most heartwarming feelings, emotions and memories of our childhood. The very action of opening a package brings your customer back to the many birthdays and holidays of times past. Why not take advantage of this unboxing exhilaration and literally gift wrap your customer’s purchases?

The little additional expense can be built into the price of your products, or you can reap the reward of your loss with the multitude of repeat sales generated by associating your brand with those precious feelings of surprise and delight.

2. Add a short, bold message to your ecommerce packaging
A striking, bold, personal message on your ecommerce packaging is bound to make your customers smile. The more quirky and fun the better. You can even give your gift recipient the nudge to share their message across their social media profiles and generate some unpaid referral marketing in the process.

3. Create an eye-catching colour scheme for your ecommerce gift packages
Colour has a significant effect on how customers feel about brands, products and packaging. Marketing website, Insights in Marketing found an astounding 85% of customers are heavily influenced by the colour of a product and 95% agreed visual appearance is the most important factor. These learnings should inform your ecommerce packaging strategy.

Your customer’s first impression of your product starts with the appearance of the packaging. The unboxing moment doubles as your ecommerce customer’s first physical interaction with your brand. You ought to make sure you’re conveying the right message to your target audience if you want to generate loyal repeat customers.

Cool colours create a sense of serenity, calmness and the feeling of making positive decisions. Navy, purple, light pink and blue are all perfect for telling customers they’ve got a friend in your brand. Warm colours can go either way. Be careful how you combine them. Bright colours like yellow generate happiness, but fire engine red and orange symbolise danger or heat when used together. Don’t be afraid to be bold or unique, but do use your packaging for a purpose.

Colour can convey the personality of your ecommerce business. Make your brand instantly recognisable with the design and colour scheme of your packaging – but make sure you are consistent with the remainder of both online and offline communications. Ask yourself: does this look like my business? Then ask yourself: would our target customer be excited to show this off to their friends?

You can tailor a seriously cool reputation for your ecommerce business with personalised, unique and thoughtful branded packaging. You have a rare opportunity to create a physical interaction between your ecommerce brand and your customer. Create a memorable, unique experience for your customers. Capitalise on the excitement of the unboxing moment and conjure up those childhood memories of gift-opening delight.

Associate your brand with those emotions and feeling to convert your gift packaging into customer loyalty and repeat sale after repeat sale.

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