Ecommerce businesses and shipping strategies on 2018

Everyone understands the fear of starting a new business. The cost outlay, the risk, the gnawing fear in the pit of your stomach at the idea of going out on your own. It’s a brave step, venturing into the world of owning an ecommerce business.

We like to see ecommerce businesses thrive, so we’ve talked to three ecommerce businesses and gotten the low-down on their shipping strategies. These ecommerce masters have businesses of different sizes, and all have a different shipping strategy.  Here are some great ecommerce tips brought to you by Complete transport Solutions.

Keep Shipping costs as low as possible. 
Try to keep our shipping costs as low as possible and subsidize the shipping price. Try to offer free shipping to as many areas as possible as many customers have come to expect free shipping these days. Offer free shipping to most locations . After this, offer very competitive prices to remote locations and on heavy items.

If you ship internationally, always offer different shipping options for international customers based on pricing. Offering multiple shipping options and prices allow our customers to pick the option suiting their situations. Don’t let international shipping costs deter you from shipping overseas. If somebody wants your product on the other side of the world, they’ll pay, & you’ll open yourself up to thousands more potential customers!

Choosing the right shipping company is also very important as this is ultimately the shipping company is viewed as part of your sales experience, if they let you down all the rest of your hard work can go unnoticed.

Customer Service

Don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes, you’ll get better! Always offer incredible customer service – loyal customers can be lost with a bad response from your business.

Return Policy

Also, offer a good return policy – this will help you build loyal customers and people will trust your business more. The best way to avoid returns is to put as much information in your descriptions as possible and encourage potential customers to ask questions if they aren’t sure. Size charts & photos of your product next to a common object for scale are also incredibly valuable.

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