Consumer Behaviour During Christmas & New Year: Is Your Fulfilment Ready? What we think as Direct Transport Solutions delivery service in London and UK

With the Christmas & New Year well underway, this week we wanted to look at how this time of year impacts consumer behaviour across UK. Interestingly, Christmas is an incredibly active time for consumer shopping in the London, this is particularly true in the online space.

In this week’s post, as most popular delivery service in London and UK we’re going to be looking at some of the key industries that are expected to see increases and share some tips that can help you meet that demand.

Online Shopping Spikes During Christmas

Christmas has a large impact on the behaviour of shoppers across the UK. The combination of shorter working hours and the overall celebratory feeling during the christmas month helps to put consumers across the UK in shopping mindset. Additionally, the shorter work hours also lead to increased time online. Unsurprisingly these two factors combine to provide a very tangible boost to online shopping in UK.

Some of the industries that benefit from this spike the most are household appliances and items often associated with gifts. Items such jewellery, electronics, and clothing all experience a noticeable increase in demand, especially in the final weeks of december.

Back in 2016, the online traffic across the Uk peaked between 11am to 4pm, in London however the peak was later occurring between 9pm to 4am and 2pm to 4pm.

Throughout christmas consumers are spending more time shopping online fuelled by seasonal demand gifts, I expect the e-commerce industry will witness a significant upsurge during the season.

How Can Your Business Be Ready?

So now that you know why it’s important to plan for the holidays, it’s time to get organized and make sure your fulfilment is up to the task. Here are 3 tips you can use to make sure your products get delivered during Christmas.

Think about your shipping strategy

Whether you charge for shipping, have a minimum purchase size, or offer free shipping make sure you are up front with customers. Give buyers full transparency with regards to your fulfilment plan and if possible let them choose the specific delivery day. Research has shown across multiple industries that most consumers prefer to receive their shipment on a specific date.

Plan and promote your returns policy

Make sure your returns policy is clearly visible and well thought out. As nearly two-thirds of online shoppers look at the return policy before making a purchase when shopping for gifts you should include it directly within the product page to save time.

Sync with your supply chain.

Even if everything on your side is running smoothly, if your suppliers can’t keep up with demand you’re going to look bad. Do your best to keep the supply chain in the loop regarding your sales, promotions, and fulfilment timelines, this will help them support you and can save a lot of embarrassment.